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So, my sister and brother-in-law follows a Youtube foodblogger and save the places to go that he suggests. Sometimes, they feel that some places that he suggest are not worth the hype he shows in the show. May be, because some of them might be paid.

Whenever I come across some suggestions on food places, I save them in my Google Maps under a private list. When I go out and looking for food places, I try to explore from that list which are nearby. But, Google Maps doesn't provide good UX to view saved places on the map from my current location. I think there is a lot of scope for them to improve in that aspect.

Great article between.

I agree on the negativity bias that we have. We just post online if we have negative experience. But, I am trying to overcome it by rating it on Google Maps with whatever experience that I have

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enjoyed reading this one!

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